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    Lotus Sametime/Metaframe/Thin Clients


    by cdub ·

    My company wants to roll Lotus Sametime out to the entire company in July but I’m running into problems finding a *good* way to do it on WTS/SP6, MF1.8/SP1 and all our users are on Thin Clients–no hard drives. The first time a user attempts to joina meeting, they are prompted to download and install an applet which won’t work until the server has been restarted. All their user.dat files are stored on the server requiring them to log into the same server each time or import the .dat files. I tried installing on a stand alone NT4 server, registering the .dlls/.ocx and applets on the WTS and creating shortcuts but it didn’t work…anyone tried this program in a similar environment? Any ideas? BTW, we do currently have roaming profiles…it’s not gonna be that easy!

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      Lotus Sametime/Metaframe/Thin Clients

      by erikdr ·

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      A partial answer only but at least it’s something.
      The problem with the .DAT files seems relatively easy to solve.
      Give the users a home directory on a LAN file server, _not_ the Tserver
      farm, and let the Tserver process logon to that homedire no matter to which Tserver machine the user connects. As you’re using roaming profiles already, seems an easy extension of that.
      Problem wit the applet which only works when Metaframe is restarted – sorry no experience with NetMeeting under TS…
      / The Netherlands

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      Lotus Sametime/Metaframe/Thin Clients

      by pallan ·

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      The key here, I’m guessing, is that you want to install the applet once, rather than for each individual user. Try putting the server in INSTALL mode and than join a meeting. Let the applet install and restart.

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