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Love in the office...

By mikeadams1137 ·
We have recently seen this happen, two people, one gets the other pregnant, bla bla, now we all have to deal with the affects of it.

What do you think, Love in the Office?

What do you think, Dating Co-Employees?

- Different Shifts
- Non-Management

Yay or Nay?

I vote, Nay.


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No no no

by Neil Higgins In reply to Love in the office...

A so-called office fling (xmas party?)etc,can come back to haunt you.Not that I would indulge.I am happily with my partner of eleven years,and we both work for different companies,and fields of work.Must be good,we have a seven year old son.Both of us know people who's relationships have gone awol,having met at work.Not all,by any means.It's the aftermath of any breakdown however,which can make the workplace seem as though your walking on egg shells.

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I don't thing you can find anybody saying it is a good thing unless

by DadsPad In reply to Love in the office...

you are single. Most people date someone in their workplace. After all, we spend time with these people.

If you are talking about exta-marriage affairs, they are never good. First, if this is a desirable thing, can the marriage be stable and good? It is an indication that things are not good in the marriage.

That said, an affair needs two things to happen: desire and opportunity. If both are not there, it will not happen. A broken marriage can have devastating effects on it's members, something to keep in mind.

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How about another work problem: female predators

by DadsPad In reply to I don't thing you can fin ...

Somehow mostly men are seen as the predator that goes after females in the work place. Like you post said, we all have seen a marriage broken up by someone at work.

What are some of the opinions on these late 20's/30's and devorced females targeting men to gain a better lifestye (money) than could happen otherwise. Granted the younger men are more attractive, but I have seen men in theri 40's targeted more. The female is usually a professional, but the targeted male would have a good position/income, so they can start off without the usual hardships in marriage.

Any feed back on this?

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Can't control everything

by JamesRL In reply to Love in the office...

I do think we have to control some things.

Clearly there can be issues when one of the parties reports directly or indirectly with another.

But I have known more than a few employees who have met at their place of employment, and been married and been happy.

Its pretty hard to tell people they can't fall in love. You can tell them that if they do fall in love and they are in the same department, one of them should move to another department, or another employer/


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