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Lovin' my new Droid Razr

By rdaeumer ·
I researched a lot of smartphones before I bought the Droid Razr as soon as it came out in Nov. 2011. It is an awesome phone, and has my friends looking on (and playing with it) in envy. I have found it to be very reliable (no dropped calls, good battery life, apps run smoothly) and versatile.

Here are the pros:
- Screen is *really* clear and graphics are great!
- Display is large - for me it could be even larger
- Fits in my pocket even though it is so large
- Very light in weight, despite the large display
- Battery lasts all day without recharging, unless I have a lot of games and apps running. This is true even if I stream radio. (I stopped using the live wallpapers because they do suck out the battery).
- GPS navigation with turn-by-turn directions is BETTER than my Garmin GPS
- Plugging my Razr into my HD TV via the mini-HDMI port is easy and the picture quality on my TV is great!
- Tons of apps to download for FREE!
- Easy interface between my phone and my PC
- I could go on and on, but those are the main pros

The Cons:
- Colors on some photos are washed out. My HP Photosmart camera I bought 5 years ago takes better pictures. Additionally a lot of pictures come out blurry. This has been the main drawback of this phone for me, since I was hoping I would not have to invest in a new camera.
- Hard to figure out how to make the notification tone for email differ from the tone for texts.
- Sometimes the answer call slide button doesn't work right away.
- When you initially set a code to lock the phone the default behavior is to keep the phone locked even with the bluetooth enabled. There was no warning about this when I set the code and would have been nice to know before I tried to make a call while driving!

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