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    Low code platforms


    by michaelbryant ·


    Would like advice on choice of low code platforms. I want to develop a web app which does some sophisticated calculations. I have no experience of web interface design or databases so want to use a low code platform for these aspects. I can code in VBA so want a platform that will also allow me to write code for the actual calculations.

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      So many out there.

      by rproffitt2 ·

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      Let’s stick to this list:

      What looks good to you?

      I can’t pick one because I have been writing code for decades and have no reason to pick one over another. However you may find one suitable for your skill level and other reasons.

      Start at the top, try it out and if it doesn’t work, move to the next.

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      low code platforms

      by deborasumopayroll ·

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      Comparison Table of Low-code Platforms.
      1) Visual LANSA.
      2) GeneXus.
      3) Zoho Creator.
      4) Appian.
      5) KiSSFLOW – BPM & Workflow Software.
      6) Mendix.
      7) OutSystems.

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      Low code platforms

      by gurcharansingh ·

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      Hi Michaelbryant,


      I would like to share my thoughts on it. Hope this answer will helpful for you.

      When choosing to go for a low-code approach, businesses need to evaluate the following parameters:

      Choose a platform that works seamlessly with the organization’s preferred cloud vendor.
      * Determine the number of named users for the application that will be built.
      * Set up a budget for the license cost
      * Get approval for the code on the vendor’s platform from the business and enterprise security teams.
      Obtain enterprise security team approval for the data residing on the vendor’s infrastructure.

      Beneficial for Web and Mobile App Development?
      IT has no complete control over data, systems, and functionality with no code development. Rapid application development helps businesses achieve their goals with minimum resources. Below are listed some of the benefits of No Code Application Development (NCAD):

      Coding is done using pre-built modules, so it’s faster to develop apps and more agile.
      No code solutions give you a way to bypass developers and therefore you can build applications for less.
      Nowadays, businesses are growing rapidly. Launching a new brand doesn’t take much time. What used to take months or even years, is done in a matter of hours and days. The aim of no code programming is to minimize the cost.

      No Code Platforms to Help Build Your Next Startup

      Some of the most common platforms are:

      Appy Pie
      Nintex Process Platform
      Salesforce Platform
      Ninox Database
      Quick Base

      To meet the challenges of complex applications, you need the right tools. These 10 no-code software tools will help you create your next startup from scratch.

      Webflow – No Code development Tool
      Voiceflow – No-code Web App Builder
      Bubble – No-code App Builder
      KiSSFLOW – BPM & Workflow Software.
      Makerpad – Build Tools Without Code
      NoCode Tool – Coda
      Gumroad – No-Code App Maker

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      Low code platforms

      by Techguru439 ·

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      To meet the challenges of complex applications you definitely try out Noodl.

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