Low disk space on Exchange server 2003

By atulramteke ·
Every morning i need to restart my exchange server 2003 which is also my primary domain due to "low disk space".
Before i restart, System(C:) drive shows space in few MB and after the reboot it shows the normal empty space i:e in GB.
There are no error logs regarding this generated on server.
Pls help me.. :)

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backup Exchange which will cause the transaction logs

by CG IT In reply to Low disk space on Exchang ...

to reset.

This is a known event with exchange server. you have to perform regular backups to remove transaction logs or they will continue to accumulate until there is no disc space.

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serious problems

by yovev In reply to backup Exchange which wil ...

First of all free some disk space to be able to apply all updates to Exchange 2003 and specially SP2!
It will allow you to address more disk space to the exchange store.
Than make backup and verify it.
Open your exhcange server installation folder and locate ESEUTIL.EXE
Reffer to Microsoft's website for exact instructions on how to use it. This is a tool for defragmenting and optimizing the exchange database.
The whole process in the first time you do it should take you almost the whole afternoon. So be prepared to wait for a long time to complete it.
When done MOVE your eschange storage to bigger disk(s). The best practice in Exch2K3 is to move the store away from the system disk right after you install it.

Be prepared to run eseutil once weekly for the next month and analyze the disk costs in this period. If neccessary, there is a way to allow Exchange Server to address even more disk space (64GB if i remember correct) with a registry fix but nobody suggests it.

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