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low end/small business file server

By vaikz ·
I had a client, a small one, w/c had only about 15 computers. And they this accounting department w/ 6 computers and there runs most of the database programs like payroll, receivables and a lot more. they had an unstructured peer network.
the company is planning to have a file/print server, but they want only a low end one.
can anyone gave me some idea what kind of computer im going to setup and also what OS im going to used.
thanks a lot.....

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by BFilmFan In reply to low end/small business fi ...

Buy whatever is cheap and get a copy of free-ware Linux is my advice.

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by CG IT In reply to low end/small business fi ...

With BFilmfan on Linux as well. Windows has a 10 user connection limit so if you tried to use a Windows XP or 2000 box as a file server, 5 of the 15 computers wouldn't be able to connect to it.

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by ippirate In reply to low end/small business fi ...

Try these guys.

Box is solid and cheap. File/Print services, Domain hosting, Web, Email, Firewall, Managed Backup.

They start at about $400 for all the above.

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by ippirate In reply to

I'm guessing you'd really like the website if I am going to make the suggestion wouldn't you?

Here goes! My apologies.

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by GDoC In reply to low end/small business fi ...

Instead of a "server" you may be better off with a imbedded device/network appliance. I seem to recall several NAS (network attached storage) appliances that also did some print sharing. If not Lexmark, HP and others make network print share devices.
The reason I am suggesting an appliance over a full *nix or MS Win server is lower administrative overhead and cost. Of course if you have a PC gathering dust and are familiar with Linux or BSD and want a follow-on support contract, you can go that route also

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by wlbowers In reply to low end/small business fi ...

Call Dell. You can get one configured with the os already loaded.


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by Breydel In reply to low end/small business fi ...

As you'll have noticed, there is plenty of choice.
I cannot recommend one solution over another before gathering some more info on your customer's needs and just as importantly, their IT ability.

If they are looking for something lowcost, they probably don't have anyone who can actually maintain their systems or administer them on a day to day basis - and do they want to call (and pay) you for every little intervention.

Linux is lowcost, but I'm not convinced of it's maintenance costs (in man-hours).
A NAS is a possible solution if all they want is file sharing.
If they would like to make use of other networking functions at a later stage, they may be looking at a proper server.
If they choose a proper server, the choice is basically between linux and Windows SBS - I know which is the cheapest in the short term but what about in the long run....?

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