Low FPS on Gaming Laptop

By wwtogallagher ·
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I have owned a Dell inspirion for almost a year now. I have always gotten low fps, lower than what I would expect. Capped at 30 and still some lag at 1080 on PUBG. Various FPS drops and usually below 40 fps on siege. Mind you, I'm running on low graphics settings. I have tried a lot of steps- GPU in performance mode, drivers updated, computer power in performance. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I have posted specs below.

i7 processor
GTX 1060
16gb Ram
1tb HDD
256gb SSD

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by Porko1! In reply to Low FPS on Gaming Laptop

quite strange indeed. With a GTX 1060 you should run on very high graphics settings.
1. Are you sure the 1060 is in use?
2. Is it connected to the AC?
3. FPSs are not constant, it depends on the scene in the game, right?

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by wwtogallagher In reply to strange

Yes, the graphics card is showing the games running. Also correct, it will be more stable in let's say like a calm or plain area. But when major event is going on or there is multiple online players near, I get fps drops.

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by wwtogallagher In reply to

Not to mention the overall inconsistent fps that just always happens

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ok then

by Porko1! In reply to

1. When there is more stuff, you should see FPS drops
2. But how do you know the GTX 1060 is in use + can you record the parameters with HWInfo freeware (excellent software) while gaming and upload it?

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by wwtogallagher In reply to ok then

Yes I know it should drop, but I know it shouldn't be dropping to 10-20 fps. I will record some gameplay here shortly. I usually use the notification icon that shows what's running on GPU.

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by Porko1! In reply to Yes!

use hwinfo, it will create a log file and we'll see if there is any problem with the clocks

Also, did you try to reset the game graphics settings? it could be that you are using something like the supersampling, killing the performance?

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by wwtogallagher In reply to ok

is there a way to make this log shorter so it will fit? Save it in a certain format? Or take some of those hardware options off?

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Game Settings

by wwtogallagher In reply to ok

Yes, i've tried changing game settings on almost all games. Usually it results in me turning resolution and quality way down.
The log is from Black Ops 4, which is probably the smoothest running game I play.

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by Porko1! In reply to Game Settings

wheres' the log?

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by wwtogallagher In reply to so

I had to delete it because it was a partial due to it being so long. I asked above on how to fix this

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