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Low in Virtual Memory

By jack_dumanhug ·
What is the cause when an window message appear Windows 2000 Operating System that states: "Your system is Low in Virtual Memory?"

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by jireland607 In reply to Low in Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is what windows uses when ram is filled up. It is like an overflow.

By default, windows automatically manages the size of the overflow - which is called a 'swap file'. This can change in size depending on how much is needed.

I have been told before that when some non-microsoft programs are being used, the windows memory manager will not compensate for them, resulting in the memory being filled up.

To manually increase the size of swap file, right-click on my computer and go to properties. Click advanced tab and then 'performance - settings' Select the 'advanced' tab, and click 'change'. Here you can alter the size. Personally i have 800mb set aside. I have also heard that it is best to set the initial and max size to the same amount. The computer does not then use resources adjusting the size.

Hope this helps


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Low in Virtual Memory

sounds like a bogus pop up to me. probably spyware. please download and run ad-aware from to remove

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by bi_ts In reply to Low in Virtual Memory

What James has told you is true...except for the reason why it is better to set the initial size the same to the maximun size for your swapfile.
The reason is if you donot let expand your paging file by windows your swapfile won't be fragemented!

1 more thing :if in the past you did not get those messages and you did not install a new application then your system might be infected by a virus. Some virusses will take all your system resources so that your pc will become very unresponsive, while the virus is trying to spread out searching for new victims.

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by black_eyed_pea In reply to Low in Virtual Memory

That error message may be a symptom of a deeper problem. This checklist will solve a host of performance problems and may just resolve your error:

Windows 2000 Performance Checklist

1. Scan for viruses and remove, if detected.
2. Scan for spyware and remove, if detected.
3. Remove unnecessary applications.
4. Run Disk Cleanup.
5. Run Regcleaner, Hdcleaner, and CCleaner.
6. Defrag the hard drive.
7. Disconnect unused network connections.
8. Remove unnecessary Autostart applications ? use this website to determine legitimacy of startup apps:
9. Type the following command at Start | Run... sfc /purgecache. You may have to obtain the sfc utility from the Windows 2000 CD.
10. Tweak swap file usage for computers with 256+MB of RAM. Add the following entry to the System.ini file under [386enh]: ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1
11. If you rarely search for files, turn off indexing (in hard-drive Properties).
12. Optimize swap file ? make it 2.5 times the size of RAM.
13. Using the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc), set Windows to clear Page file on shutdown. To do this, launch gpedit.msc at the Run prompt. Expand the following: Local Computer Policy | Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local Policy | Security Options. In the Policy pane, double-click Clear virtual memory pagefile. Select Enabled and click OK.

Utility Download URLs:

RegCleaner -

HDCleaner -

CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) -

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