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Low memory messages

By cbs ·
I am receiving an error message on a Compaq Deskpro 400 with 128mb of ram with two 1.99g partitions. The message is "There is not enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more programs, and then try again." Which may be followed by "The system is dangerously low on resources" which is always followed by the system locking up. There is 500md free space on the c partition, I have removed items from run services. Any suggestions?

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by Cr@zy@ssM@g!c!@n In reply to Low memory messages

I would first boot the machine and check a couple of things. I would first let windows load and then hit ctrl alt del once. Check and see what is loading and what is resident. It sounds like something is hogging resources and you need to eliminate the culprit. I would take all apps out of start up and see how it loads. What OS are you running and what service level are you using.

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Me Too!

by MLivingston In reply to Low memory messages

I have run across the same problem several times before - often it is a matter of verifying your pagefile size (in WINNT- memory amount plus 12M minimum), your registry size, and your free disk space (make sure you have sufficient disk space to holdyour pagefile). Recently I have seen this error when all I had running was NT Explorer - and all my list checked fine. All I tried to do was right click on a file with no extension to "open with". Can't close any programs - 'cause none are running! All other functions seem to be working fine, though.


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