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Low Profile Graphics Card Upgrade

By David.brooks2 ·
I have recently aquired a Dell 5150c that has a 128MB ATI Radeon? X600 SE graphics card. This model uses the smallest BTX variant (picoBTX), this means the components are crammed into a space of 310mm high, 91mm wide and 363mm deep. There's very little room for upgrading with internal components. There are vacant PCI Express slots (x16 and x1), but only half-height cards will fit. I am trying to find a Video Card that will greatly improve the graphics performance for a gaming use but am running out of places to look!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Low Profile Graphics Card ...

There are several Half Height PCI Xpress cards available these come with a full height bracket and a half height bracket generally of the ATI type but the last ABIT 512 MEG card that I used was this type of card.


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by David.brooks2 In reply to

Unfortunatly not quite conclusive enough, A good gaming card is what I'm after. Thanks Anyway.

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by David.brooks2 In reply to Low Profile Graphics Card ...

Thanks, I've read about the mounts which adds somewhat to the current confusion of my situation.

I'm looking for a more definitive sort of..

"I use (name graphic card here) and its fantastic. Check this link (provide link here)This card would fit into your system"

another forum answered:
"You have the equivalent of a Vauxhall Corsa. you can paint stripes on it, stick some speakers in the boot and bung a big exhaust on, but nothing is going to turn it into a Lotus".

Ha ha ha! Surely my search is not hopeless!

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by David.brooks2 In reply to Low Profile Graphics Card ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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An Exact answer

by shafi In reply to

You best bet is from XFX .. check here : http://www.xfxforce.com/web/viewFeature.jspa?featureId=602480
I havent seen anything better than these for gaming

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by JamesRL In reply to Low Profile Graphics Card ...

Good luck in your search....

The X600SE is adequate for many games if you don't require high resolutions and anti-aliasing. I personally run an X700 SE with 512MB of RAM and play Battlefield 2 at 1024x768 at medium detail.

There are very few high end half height gaming video cards. The top video cards actually use 2 full height slots, one for the card and the space over the next is for the fan and heat sink on the VPU and RAM.

I have a nVidia 5200 that is a half height but it wouldn't be as fast as the x600. There are 6200s but they would be roughly as fast as the x600.

The one chipset you should investigate is the nVidia 7300. Depending on the card maker, some are half height, some full height.

Here is an example of a half height 7300:

A word about Turbocache, it allows the card to use RAM from the motherboard as additional RAM for the video card - its not as fast as having the RAM on the card and of course, you should max out your RAM on the MB. Your x600 SE does the same thing (Hypermemory in ATI terms).

I would suggest the 7300 GS model and 256 MB of memory - the 7300 LE with 128 would be more like what you already have. From what I have seen you should see approximately 50% performance increase from a 7300 GS over a x600 SE.


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by JamesRL In reply to

Whats games do you play?

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by David.brooks2 In reply to

Thats the most helpful answer I've had yet, thanks for taking the time! So far I've found a section at Maplin.co.uk. On there it has a ATI RADEON X1300 512MB PCI-E Graphics Card in the low profile section? I've asked for a bit of clarity and am waiting a reply. I'll checkout the Nvida 7300GS though thanks. I'm into the Call of Duty games mainly.

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by gallianowebb In reply to Low Profile Graphics Card ...

I've also recently purchased a Dell 5100c with the 128MB ATI x600 card. I've also been looking for an upgrade. So far I've come up with two upgrade option, assuming you are like me and want to stick with the ATI brand, You can upgrade to the 256MB version of the same x600 ATI card. I've only seen them on eBay. On eBay you can get one used for under $30.00 or new for about $50.00plus.
The more superior option is to upgrade to the 256MB ATI x700 version. The x700 has superior 3D capabilities, is faster and is VISTA OS ready. This card is sold specifically for the DELL 5100c/5150c/XPS200 at one website for 137.99, see link


I've been saving up to purchase it for my DELL. I'll let you know how it goes. Also be sure that you get a low profile card AND a low profile bracket. Since most low profile cards are sold with regular size brackets.
Good Luck,

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by David.brooks2 In reply to Low Profile Graphics Card ...

Yeah let me know how you get on with that.

I've found a UK retailer selling the ATI 256MB X700 card for ?64.34 inc VAT.

I am thinking about getting the XFX GeForce 7300GS PCI-Express 256MB (512MB Turbo-Cache) card though as I can get it for Under ?50. It seems to have higher specs than the ATI X700. It just depends whether the on board fan will fit into the case. Obviously I'd need to remove the VGA connector and get a half height bracket.


The next problem could be keeping the components cool... there's not a great deal of airflow through these machines and things already seem hot enough.

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