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    Low Youtube quality

    by sergeje


    Hi, I’m using a laptop (Windows 10) that’s plugged into my router through a chord and my internet speed is over 90 Mbps (Ookla Speedtest). Yet, when i watch videos on Youtube (Google Chrome) and want to watch them in 1080p, it constantly switches automatically down to a lower quality (360p or 480p) as if my internet speed were lower. When I manually switch back to 1080p i ofter works perfectly for
    a while. Does anyone have an idea why my pc/browser chooses a lower quality and if there is a way of fixing it?

    Thanks in advance 馃檪

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      Low Quality Youtube

      by jenniemiller

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      this is happen because only if internet speed is low. restart the internet then try again.

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        Found it.

        by rproffitt

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        Internet speed

        by old molases

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        I totally agree with you said. The only reason the player downgrades the vid quality is due to slow internet connection.

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      internet issue

      by jaceytome

      In reply to Low Youtube quality

      Due to internet issue don’t worry restart your router and try again

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      Try this one.

      by marissawalsh01

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      YouTube’s video quality automatically changes for you, but not always in your best interest. There are times when the site will select a lower-quality video than what is available to make it easier on your internet connection or screen size; unfortunately, these moments don’t come with any warning and can be disruptive to anyone who doesn’t know how YouTube does its thing.
      My best recommendation is, If you want to watch youtube videos in chrome with the highest quality by default, just install a chrome extension called 鈥淎uto Quality for YouTube”.
      From there, you can select the default quality you prefer for youtube videos. I hope this helps!

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