LP to Digital Conversion Hardware Requirements?

By tech-chick ·
Hey Ralph:

I was considering the Audio Technica direct drive USB Turntable when I came across info on Audacity and DAK's pre-amp system. I have a nice sound card in my PC, so I have pretty much decided against the USB setup. However, DAK, per review on TechRepublic, is a belt drive system. I would prefer to spend my hard earned dollars on a direct drive turntable (our climate here deteriorates belts over time). Because I have about 300 or so almost pristine albums dating back to the 70's, I would like to get the best stylus I can afford. My question for you is how do I interface a standard phono to my PC? Should I buy the pre-amp from DAK, or is there an output on a standard receiver that will communicate with the line-in of my PC? Right now I have an early 80's Sansui receiver, but will soon be purchasing either the Onkyo TX-SR805 or the Integra equivalent. I am far from an "audiophile," but I love music, and have spent a great deal of effort in preserving my albums. Any help from anyone who has "been there" with advice on getting them backed up to digital and info on a good direct-drive turntable and stylus will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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use the tape/RCA/line-out on any amp or pre-amp with a phono in

by Absolutely In reply to LP to Digital Conversion ...

The only thing to buy should be a Y cable to get the signal from your amp to the 1/8" line-in on your sound card.

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You're on your own for choosing a turntable

by Absolutely In reply to use the tape/RCA/line-out ...
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LP to CD conversion

by mjd420nova In reply to LP to Digital Conversion ...

I've transposed close to 2,000 LP's and 45's to digital and then CD formats over the past 10 years. IF you intend to convert to CD, use a 16 bit, 44kc, stereo format and save them to the computer in the .WAV format then burn to a CD. I used my existing phono and amplifier taking the line output from the amp to the line in of the computer/sound card. Save them to the CD using the same format .WAV and they will play on any cd player. If you want they can be converted to MP3 but you will lose some content. If you just want to save them to the computer and your sound card supports it, use 24 bit, 44kc, stereo but stick to the .WAV format. Be sure to keep any cables away from power cords and use the expensive GOLD cables. I've also converted reel to reel tapes, cassettes and 8 track tapes this way and once in the computer you can then transpose to any playback method of your choice and format.

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What software do you use to eliminate snap, crackle, pop?

by DadsPad In reply to LP to CD conversion

Those old lp's are sometimes a little noisy.

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Thanks for format and cabling info -- Still seeking turntable & software

by tech-chick In reply to LP to Digital Conversion ...

Thanks "absolutely" and "mjd420nova" for the info. Anyone out there with additional info on recommended turntables and software ???

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