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LP4 Male to SATA power plug adapter

By AlexWill57 ·
I have a 2 year old HP (3 GB of RAM, 500 GB HD) running Vista Home premium and service pack 2 installed. I recently purchased an HP dvd 1160i 22x Multiformat DVD Writer. The DVD Writer did not come with a power plug. My computer does not have an available SATA power plug but does have several LP4 types available. I purchased a LP4 Male to SATA Power Adapter from There is a factory installed DVD/CD writer that is of a SATA type. If I use my adapter power plug or swap the current SATA plug from the existing DVD/CD I receive the Blue Screen of death shutting down Windows just before it has completed the process. I have tried F10, Safe Mode, you name it but I cannot get the new DVD/DVD Writer to get beyond the same startup point. Because I have to use the SATA/LP4 adapter, is this the reason for the system crashs? Any ideas?

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It sounds like a driver issue

by NickNielsen In reply to LP4 Male to SATA power p ...

Try installing the drivers before you connect the writer. Shut down, connect the writer, then restart and see what happens.

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I do not agree

by edwardspratt In reply to It sounds like a driver i ...

if he starts in safe mode, drivers are not installed

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If he starts in Safe mode,

by NickNielsen In reply to I do not agree

the system installs the basic hardware drivers: keyboard, mouse, magnetic and optical drives, and basic VGA display (640 x 480, 4-bit color). If drivers are not installed how does anything work?

He states "I cannot get the new DVD/DVD Writer to get beyond the same startup point." I suspect he's receiving the same stop error every time. It's possible a power supply problem would manifest itself like this, not likely. Most PS problems result in random errors or spontaneous shutdowns.

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Try this (20$ purchase involved)

by edwardspratt In reply to LP4 Male to SATA power p ...

The power adapter you are using is a well used adapter... not likely the issue BUT:

If you have swapped the power without unplugging your computer and draining your compactors (unplug then press power button for at least 5 seconds), you may have damaged something.

Your power supply may be over taxed. what is the pull on the system? What is the power output of the supply?

Try this:

get a usb to sata adapter but use only the power outlet that is supplied (your adapter attaches to the power supply of this unit and can be used without the usb adapter part of it)

connect your adapter and the external power supply AFTER connecting the SATA information connection and BEFORE turning on computer.

does it do the same thing? if not, your power supply is not strong enough to run the needed peripherals.

(You may just decide to use the USB adapter as it was meant to be used now or later.)

If that did not stop the problem, return the DVD drive as it is an electronic issue most likely. Not all purchases are full quality items.

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