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    LSI Megaraid 8308 array compatibility with newer 9240 chipset


    by borosa ·

    I have a 4 disk SATA RAID5 array built on a MegaRAID8308ELP controller. I’ve recently purchased a newer MegaRAID 9240 controller and made the stupid mistake of blindly plugging the array into the new controller. Interestingly enough, the new controller recognised the array as a RAID5 and assigned a virtual disk, however the OS (Server 2008R2) doesn’t see the virtual drive in Device Manager nor Disk Management, though the controller is seen. The MegaRAID Windows utility sees the individual drives but there are strange characters denoting the array name, which would indicate to me that there is some corruption… My question is – does anybody know if the 9240 controller should have no issues reading the 8308 array or is this a bad idea? The disks are in excellent condition, so the data should be safe – I just want to reassure myself that I haven’t lost 4.3TB of data though a silly mistake!

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