LynSys Router

By emreblora ·
I have a new router which is LynkSys.. that equally divides my internet connection..
Im having problems of setting it up for a small office network...
Can anybody or someone help me please how to configure it to a Small office network..

I try to configure it using the one that i already reseach here at tech which starts at for the other computer is but it didn't workout...

Our ISP provider is Smart Bro here in the Philippines.....

Some One Help Please

We have our old router that works on the small office network but it didnt work out for the internet it only work for one computer so thats the reason we buy this lynksys ang i find out thats its good but how to set up our office network goshhhhhhh its givin me a headache

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Linksys division?

by iantrent In reply to LynSys Router

Maybe somethings being lost in transation here. I have setup a few Linksys and have never tried to seperate it. You can turn off DHCP and utilize your own IP address. While this maybe really only complicate your life, if you you truely want to seperate the network, you will need s Cisco router and utilize VLAN's.

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LinkSys Router

by emreblora In reply to Linksys division?

No u dont understand what i mean....
Are u from What Country???
Do you have a broadband w/c is SmartBro???

All I want to do in network my four computers w/c is i usually i do on my old router and assigning on the tcp/ip on each computer say, on the other etc...
My old router works well wit this configuration but the only problem is we can use the internet one at a time unlike for the linksys four computers can access the internet at the same time...

But im having problems with my small office network i found out that the four computers are not on the net work what value can i assign to each tcp/ip ethernet.
aside to can i assigned any that would workout....

Hope you undertand...

Im doing this to share printers and files or maybe some hardware....

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by iantrent In reply to LinkSys Router

Make sure DHCP is enabled on the router. This should hand addresses to the clients.

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