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M$ Windows XP Pro 64 edition

By Deadly Ernest ·
64 Bit technology has been around for some months now so we should be able to use it in general apps - should we not? - answer is NOT.

A few weeks back I thought I would give the new 64 bit technology a go and bought a 64 bit CPU and motherboard and the M$ Windows Xp Pro 64 edition - I am now very sorry I did that. Most of the 32 bit software will not run on the system, the 64 bit Windows will not allow it to be loaded, and the same with most drivers.

My M$ 5 button Intellimouse with the very latest drivers can not work properly as there are no 64 bit drivers for it (and no info as to how long before there will be) and the M$ Windows automatically over rules any 32 bit drivers with any 64 bit generic driver in its database that is within 10 lightyears of the one needed, thus the reboot sees the 32 bit driver dumped as being defective and a generic 64 bit 3 button mouse driver loaded. And I cannot force the system to run the 32 bit software.

I have exactly three programs that run perfectly within the M$ Windows XP Pro 64 edition - M$ Office 2003, Firefox and Thunderbird. Forte Agent, Starcraft Broodwar, and Diablo II LoD work at an acceptable level - about on par with my old Win 98 system; and not as well as within WINE on Fedora Core 4 on a 32 bit P4.

I will shortly be trying Fedora Core 4 on the system - it cannot be any worse than the MS Windows.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to M$ Windows XP Pro 64 edit ...

You missed using '$' instead of 'S' in the last sentence. You might want to go back and change it.

<<Looking frantically for an emoticon that indicates sarcastic tone of voice.>>

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Let me know if you find a suitable emoticon

by Deadly Ernest In reply to

I have used M$ systems for years and most of my software is M$ and M$ compatible, I have even defended some of Billy's actions in the past, if it had not been for the early cheap MS software we would not have the general home usage of computers that we have now. However, I am very pissed off with the fact that this new, uebeaut, does everything XP 64 edition is NOT fully 32 bit compatible and is set to automatically screw over 32 bit software where ever possible, and that it refuses to load or run much of the 32 bit software.

I think that this is a designed action by M$ to force people to buy new 64 bit software that is compatible with their new security systems. And so it is another screw you to the home users who cannot afford lots of brand new software.

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Just out of general interest,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Let me know if you find a ...

It's not any of my business, but what motivated you to try this? This strikes me as a lot of money spent on hardware and software just to be experimenting? Did you have an application that required a 64 bit OS?

Also, MS usually posts hardware and software compatibility lists. Did you see if your h/w and s/w were on these lists?

Thanks for taking the risk so the rest of us could learn from your experience. I'm sorry you had to find the incompatibilites the hard way.

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Needed a 2nd P4 in the house

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Just out of general inter ...

Had bought some high end software for my son and myself to use - minimum hardware is a P3 500 Mhz and 512 MB RAM running Win2K; everyone using says you need a P4 2 GHz and 1 GB RAM running Win XP if you don't want it to take all day to run. This meant upgrading one of our machines.

When I checked the MS web site I could not find a list of compatible software and hardware, nor one of incompatible hardware and software; NB it is not a very friendly web site for anything other than advertising. Usually software will run on any newer hardware and operating system. Generally MS Windows will allow you to run any manufacturer's drivers that are designed for MS Windows and, in the past, most MS software has been reasonably backwards compatible. That is Win 98 ran Win 95 software, Win2K ran Win 98, Win XP ran Win2K (at least in the 32 bit edition it does). It is also normal to expect that MS hardware is comaptible with MS software.

I was shocked to find that the latest MS software does not have compatible specific drivers for recent MS hardware. I was also shocked that the 64 bit edition of XP is not fully compatible with software that runs on, and approved for, the 32 bit edition of XP. XP should be XP regardless of the hardware it is running on.

At the time of my first post I had just finished finding out that 80% of the software and games that I had that were XP compatible were not XP 64 compatible, including the software I got the upgrade for, and I was a bit pissed off. I also felt that I should warn people about the problems.

With the problems shown with XP 64 edition I wonder how much more people are going to be shafted about by MS Vista when it finally hits the market.

When i get around to trying Fedora Core 4 I will let you know how it goes, it cant be any worse than Win XP 64.

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One Suggestion

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Needed a 2nd P4 in the ho ...

Contact MS and ask if you can exchange the XP 64 license for an XP Home license.

Does the 64-bit version offer a compatibility mode like XP Home / Pro does?

There's no such thing as MS hardware, except mice, keyboards, and game consoles.

Many if not most 16-bit apps and drivers that ran successfully under 3.1 and 95 did not run under NT and 2K. Microsoft products are notorious for not being backward compatible, especially drivers.

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I'm on 64

by jdmercha In reply to M$ Windows XP Pro 64 edit ...

I've been using WIN XP 64 for about 5 months now. The only programs I've been unable to run are the Novell client and any software that requires the Novell client. I've also run into some problems with the 64-bit version of IE.

But then I wouldn't say that I've tried a very extensive list of software.

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I have tried lots and many don't work

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I'm on 64

I have tried many programs and most don't work, they can not be loaded on the XP 64 edition - several of my favorite games dont load, 3D Max 7 wont work, nor will most of the stuff that requires heavy computing power. Any intelligent programmer would have made their system to be fully backwards compatible but not M$ - I am very sorry I wasted my money buying the XP 64 edition. Once I get around to trying Fedora Core 4 I will know if buying the hardwrae was a waste as well.

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