m4a785td-m evo HELP

By Dworrall ·
Hi, i bought a m4a785td-m evo motherboard with an AMD Phenom x4 3.4ghz processor. $gb corsair dominator ram. Basically, Windows XP works perfectly but when i try to install windows 7, i get errors about files could not be found. If i manage to install it then i get random errors about memory management and eventually windows fails completely.

the motherboards windows 7 compatible. Any ideas anyone?

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You will need to update your BIOS for Windows 7 to work correctly..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to m4a785td-m evo HELP

Backup your existing BIOS first! If using BIOS update software executed from Windows or another operating system, backup the existing BIOS image first. Some BIOS update software versions have this functionality built-in (e.g., "Save" or "Backup"), and will advise you to perform a backup first.

Perform the update.
Run the downloaded installer or application executable for the BIOS updating software. If the software prompts you for a floppy, use a formatted 1.44MB 3.5" floppy disk. It doesn't matter if the floppy is blank or not because the data will be overwritten if you don't mind wiping the disk.

1. If using a floppy, insert it into the drive and restart the system to boot from it. Some floppy images contain an "autoexec.bat" file to automatically run the BIOS update. Others will just have the update software, the updated BIOS image, and possibly a 'readme' text file containing directions. If there are no directions, but there are at least two files (ie: "A06_123.bin" and "awflash.exe"), follow this example: Enter a command such as "awflash A06_123.bin" and press enter. This will execute the update software and specify the A06_123.bin file to flash the BIOS.

2. Compare the two versions. Most BIOS update software will read the existing BIOS image and determine its version, then compare this to the downloaded BIOS image. If the system's existing BIOS version is older, perform the update. The user interface of BIOS software may vary greatly, yet typically menu buttons or selections such as "Write", "Update", or "Confirm" will perform the BIOS update.

Go to Asus's website here and put the info of your motherboard so that you can get hold of ALL of the motherboards updates.
There are three sections to click on so you will need the motherboards manual for help to fill it out properly to get to your correct motherboard drivers.

Or if you are to scared to do this then go here for your updated drivers:


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Thanks but.

by Dworrall In reply to m4a785td-m evo HELP

Thanks but ive already updated the bios.

It was on version (about) 950. now its on version 2006.

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Ok, it seems that you have the updated BIOS...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Thanks but.

Could you give more info on what you are doing?
Is your hdd completely deleted?
If not then you will need to do a format of the drive.

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by Dworrall In reply to Ok, it seems that you hav ...

Yeh, usually im good with all this sort of stuff, its my trade you see but its jsut now having it lol. Im formatting my HDD then clicking install windows. at some point it will give me an error saying that it could not find the files it needs. If i manage to install i get errors about not being able to write to memory, or blue screens for "Memory Management"

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How much memory have you got onboard?..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Yeh

If you have 4gb (2x2gb) sticks then take on of those sticks out and try again.
Also check your BIOS battery. This small battery is circular and sliver in colour with something like "2032" marked on it, get a new one and replace.
Another thing, go into your BIOS and select "load default settings" and then reboot your system. Check and double check ALL cables are connected to their correct pins or connectors. Just have one hdd installed for testing. If you still get an error then try another clean/new hdd. You might be having trouble writing to the harddrive so get another for testing.

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by Dworrall In reply to How much memory have you ...

Im going to download and run memtest86. I've already tried another HDD. I cant see it being the ram as windows XP would break aswell.

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by Dworrall In reply to MemTest

Cannot run memtest as i have over 4gb or ram and the current version doesnt work with 4gb+...... i cant use the old version as i do not have a floppy drive

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m4a785td-m evo motherboard

by balge In reply to Cant

try this - Windows memory diagnostic -


sounds like it could be either BIOS configuration or hardware from what you say. Have you been through the BIOS settings with a fine toothcomb? I find Asus BIOS quite 'dense' also picky about configuring high speed RAM/dual channel etc.
Windiag will most likely find a hardware prob but may give errors if the config is wrong too...
Possible your install media is damaged as well

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by Dworrall In reply to m4a785td-m evo HELP

Thanks ill try that. ive managed to get windows 7 on, it -seems- fine for now.

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Just for your information here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks.

If you where attempting to install a 32 Bit Version of 7 it was probably balking at the 4 Gig of RAM installed. If it was 2 x @ Gig Modules I would say remove 1 Module load Windows and then when it is working replace the removed RAM.

You should have a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD which is available free here and boot off that Disc as it has a Full Spread of Diagnostics available which allows you to test all of the hardware including several different Memory Testers.


Just download the listed ISO on the page and ignore the add.


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