MAC Address filtering

By Pommyboy_FearFactory ·
We are looking to apply MAC address filtering on a few routers, however the people move around alot, how many MAC's can we put on a whitelist on a port?

this is quite urgent ive been reasearching all afternoon and each is refering to wireless not wired...


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MAC Address filtering

by .Martin. In reply to MAC Address filtering

only applies to wireless, you can not filter wired connections as the are all considered to be allowed

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MAC Address filtering

by Pommyboy_FearFactory In reply to MAC Address filtering

Ahh yes you can, apply MAC address filtering, you can limit the number of static and dynamic MAC address's on each port through hyperterminal. however i do not know how many you could put on a whitelist.

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I'd think that would depend on the particular router

by seanferd In reply to MAC Address filtering

and its hardware and firmware revision limitations. Could be it'll whitelist as many as you can fit into memory.

I'd either check the specific documentation for the routers in question, or just <i>test</i> it. Get a long list of MAC addresses in a file and try to bulk import it into the whitelist. See what happens.

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mac adress filtering

Yeah we ended up testing on a 4560, put a list of 20 mac addresses that was allowed, put a laptop on the switch that was not in the list shut down the port, and then i added it to the list and it was allowed access


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by seanferd In reply to mac adress filtering

I was hoping you wouldn't have to manually input 70 addresses per poet per router or something.


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ACL as XLS or database

by schen3502003 In reply to Cool.

As you mention we could manually add mac addresses to allow but it's possible we can make a Excel file or somekind of database as ACL centralize not locally?
I am not talking about to have controller.

CHENS, Thanks

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by Brenton Keegan In reply to MAC Address filtering

This may or may not apply to you but keep in mind that MAC addresses live on the 2nd OSI layer. You can't do trans-network (like across multiple networks) MAC filtering.

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