MAC Address

By morecowbell ·
Can obtain a MAC address after you wiped the drive?

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Sometimes ...

by Churdoo In reply to MAC Address

... the mac address is on a label on the component.

Otherwise, you'll have to boot a system with networking support so you can read the MAC addy. You can use one of those boot from CD distros if they have networking support for your NIC, or put the NIC in a working system to read the MAC addy.

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Might Try Looking on the Card

by SAJChurchey In reply to Sometimes ...

Sometimes the manufacturer will put the MAC address on the network card/chip itself. Otherwise, you will need to boot SOMETHING to use software to see the MAC address.

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by Churdoo In reply to Might Try Looking on the ...

Look on the device or the card because sometimes it's marked. If the mac address is not marked, then you will have to boot something on the computer to get at the MAC addy.

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Mac addresses can also

by Dr Dij In reply to MAC Address
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Use a Linux Boot Disk

by Jacky Howe In reply to MAC Address

Obtain a Fermi Linux floppy disk from PREP counter in FCC3W or from Yolanda at WH8NW. This can be used no matter what OS you intend to install. Boot the machine to the "Choose a Language" screen. Then press Ctrl-Alt-F4. Look for the lines near the bottom of the screen that starts with the string "<6>eth0:". Near the end of the line should be a string of 6 hexidecimal numbers separated by colons. This is the MAC address.


<wrong link>
<Ignore The Above> I didn't realise how old and out of date it is. I cannot find the Boot Disk.

If you still want to do it with a Disk try this.

nbmac.exe - DOS display of the network MAC address

Add this file to a Dos Network Boot Disk, Netbios has to be running.


Bart's Network Boot Disk


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by morecowbell In reply to MAC Address

I wanted this to be easy. I guess, I will have to load the disk.

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