mac can't read .mov files?

By cpowers15 ·
I have a black macbook and a 27" iMac and a video camera that shoots to .MOV files. I had been able to view the movie files on both computers as well as edit them in iMovie. After a software update from Apple I was unable to view the files any more. I can hear the audio, but the screen is black.

I reformatted the macbook and restored leopard (was running snow leopard) and could view the files. When I installed the necessary software updates and iLife I could no longer view the files.

Kicker: I can view the .MOV files on a PC. I can convert them from .MOV to .MOV (yes, I said that right) on said PC then view them just fine on the macs. Does anyone have any suggestions to view the files? Apple insisted it was my camera, but that is obviously not it.

Thank you for any suggestions! (Also, I can upload the .MOV clips to youtube from the mac and youtube will play them, but I can't play them on the mac)

Thanks again!

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That just sounds like the software update broke something

I'd try another video player until that's fixed (unless the video won't play in any player). Something like VLC Media Player or MPlayer

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VLC works

by cpowers15 In reply to That just sounds like the ...

I tried that and it works (VLC Player) but I'm more concerned about using iMovie. Because it won't read my files. And this has been a few months now... And Apple Support said the camera manufacturer needs to write a new codec

So I don't know how helpful that is gonna be... or if it will ever happen

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AVC1 Decoder

by whatdiga In reply to VLC works

download the AVC1 decoder from here:
follow the instructions in the readme file. and you should be good to go after that.

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thankee kindly!

by cpowers15 In reply to AVC1 Decoder

I will give it a shot when I get home today, thanks! I've since resorted to using a buddy's camera lately (which doesn't hurt since it's 1080p and mines 480)

But hopefully this will solve my problem and I won't have to be back and forth between multiple computers

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Get a PC...

by jimmy-jam In reply to mac can't read .mov files ...

Ok ok sorry, couldn't resist ;-)

Can you uninstall and reinstall quicktime on a MAC? I will admit that I am not the most MAC savvy individual but it would seem to me as though the underlining app that plays your .MOV files is now corrupt.

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haha! all gooood

by cpowers15 In reply to Get a PC...

I have deleted and re-installed the downloadable version of QuickTime from Apple, but unfortunately that still doesn't allow me to view the files (just see the black screen with audio behind it)

I would have included more details in the original post but there are a lot of them. Apple thought the card was corrupt, thought my software wasn't up to date, thought a lens cover was left on the camera, too nearly an infinite array of items.

not gonna lie jimmy-jam, it sucks converting files on a PC to use them on a mac when "everything works" --> And I'm not a PC hater by any means, have one, I just prefer macs

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I prefer Linux myself

by jimmy-jam In reply to haha! all gooood

but there is just too much I need Windoze for

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by TobiF In reply to mac can't read .mov files ...

I don't have any Mac to play with these things, but what you're describing indicates that you lack a s.c. codec for the specific file format you get from your camera.

mov, avi, mkv etc. are "containers", inside which different encodings can be used. It's possible that you got a codec update together with your camera and installed it. Now, when software was updated, all old codecs were thrown away.

Easy way: reinstall the software that came with the camera.
Better way: Open the file where you get a black screen, somehow try to find information about the "Video codec" used in the file (I would have right-clicked, but you don't do that on a mac :) ) Then go hunting for an updated codec driver for said video format and your computer type. Tip: go to your camera vendors support pages.

Good luck!

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by cpowers15 In reply to Codecs

thanks for the suggestion and when I get home tonight I'll give it a shot then let ya know how it goes. Thanks again!

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almost there

by cpowers15 In reply to Codecs

So I am able to convert the video to a viewable file (.avi has been the best but can also do mp4) but then iMovie still won't allow me to import the files.

It "processes" the import but then never actually adds any files to the project. This maybe hard to diagnose without a mac, but I would love any suggestions.

Kinda frustrating not being able to use a computer that is just supposed to work...

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