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Mac Designer to IT Professional

By jweist575 ·
I am a Mac graphic designerwith 6
years of experence. I am the system
person also. I keep the computers
going and show everyone how to use
the programs. Also when things go
down I get them going again. I have
found my self more interested in the
programs and computer than the
design.I would like to become an IT
Professional. How should I go about
getting there? Should I go get a
certification or should I look for a job
to get experence? Will I be able to
make an about 40k a year right

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Depends on your Market

by tekmb In reply to Mac Designer to IT Profes ...

I am a MCSE and CCNA with 6 years experience, I suppose different markets have better opportunities, (I'm in Las Vegas) I can tell you as far as Vegas goes I've been out of work over a month and unless you gear towards a DBA of get into UNIX I havent seen any jobs other than C++/VB/COM programmers, DBA/Unix/NT combos or entry level. Now is a terrible time to change to this unless you have something waiting for you. The Certs are good and yes you have to start somewhere to get experience. With the apparent flood of people right now the employers aren't paying a thing...If you can even find something or get picked out of the 200 applicants they get when they advertise a job. Starting out (here anyway) you would be fortunate to get $10 anhour in entry level but maybe its better in your area!

Good luck on what you choose, but don't leave before you have something waiting.

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Keep the job

by generalist In reply to Mac Designer to IT Profes ...

My first suggestion is that you keep the job you have since it is giving you experience in the IT world. You could put on a resume that you started your IT career by being the computer person at your place of work.

The next phase is to start taking classes in a variety of areas dealing with IT. If some of those classes apply directly to what you are doing at work, emphasize that to management so that they'll know that you have additional interests. And if you can show that there are additional ways the organization can improve things, present them.

Certifications will help if that is the route you want to take. A formal degree would also help in addition to the certifications.

What you do depends upon the resources you want toput into it. But keep the job so you can say you have some experience to temper the certifications and/or degree.

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