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    Mac Dongle Key on PC


    by fearnott ·

    Is there a way to have a Mac HASP dongle key with an Imate ADB to USB adapter interface with an Athlon 3000+ PC sempron processor running XP. I really want to have an ADB Manager installed on the PC to have the dongle key recognized it thru the bus. The PC sends a signal to the Imate and is there, but the program that has run on the Mac platform correctly, states to be Hybrid and is seemingly looking for the ADB when plugged into the PC, USB slot. If this or a better suggestions is advisable please inform. The software interfaces correctly on the Mac side, and I would like to use the cross platform functionality on the PC as well. Suggestions encouraged.

    Thank you

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      Reply To: Mac Dongle Key on PC

      by lyon_bleu ·

      In reply to Mac Dongle Key on PC

      This is from the Griffin Technologies web site:

      “PC Compatibility Note: PC support is generally limited to mouse and keyboard support. This also allows for the use of track pads, trackballs, and bar code scanners/wands, which use these drivers.”

      In other words, the drivers that facilitate the full ADB emulation necessary for software dongle support are not available for Windows. I would check with the software vendor to see if you could exchange the ADB dongle for an USB version–HASP is making these now–or even an iLok, which is what quite a few vendors are going with now.

      BTW, what app is this? The last time I saw a new ADB dongle was for Logic v4, and that was like 1998.

      Hope you can get it sorted out without too much trouble.


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