Mac fails to read my hard drive while i am trying to install it on PC ?????

By SimranNarula ·

I am PC user and trying to dual boot Mac 10.4 with Windows XP. There are 3 partitions on my drive:
c: - 50 GIGS NTFS (Windows Partition)
d: - 150 GIGS NTFS (Here resides my Data)
f: - 50 GIGS NTFS (Created this partition for installing MAC, since it was not reading the 'Unallocated' disk space)

but, when I boot using the Mac disc... and go to the Disk Utility... it reads the disk something like this...

128 GB Drive (Total disk space it reads)
Untitled 50 GIGS (refers to c:)
Data 78.XX (refers to d:)

This is incorrect reading as
- My total Hard drive is 320 GIGS
- (Data), this 150 GIGS, but for some reasons it is only read as a 78 GIGS partition
- F: 50 GIGS (Partition I created for installing MAC). this is never read
- and the unallocated is also not read by mac os x

could anyone please help me installing mac on my pc?

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I do believe you are...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Mac fails to read my hard ...

going about this in reverse. You fail to mention if your PC will even run OSX. Have you done due diligence in checking? Not many will. And those that do most often experience issues which surface later down the road. If you feel fairly certain that your system will run OSX and are fairly confident in your ability to install it, my advice would be to start with OSX and then install XP with Apples Boot Camp. However, I have serious reservations regarding your current skills in completing this project. Not saying this to be mean.

I actually applaud your desire to familiarize yourself with the Apple OS. I did the same myself. That said, while people claim how easy it is to use OSX, setting it up on custom partitions is not so easy. Not to mention your hardware issues.

Good luck though.

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