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Mac G4 Hardware Problem - dying fast

By patriccio ·
Situation: bought a G4 Mac, 2 hard drives, 768 MB RAM, and
basically works BUT if left sitting on, after a few minutes it gives
me the death message "You must restart this computer...";
Also, my 2nd USB port only rarely works. I bought a 4-port
USB extender, and it only worked for a couple of days; the
hardware seems VERY sensitive to the USB port (dies especially
Finally, the 2nd hard drive seems almost impossible to access;
I've got Office loaded on it, and it takes FOREVER to type a single
letter in Word, and ultimately it's useless.

Do I have a bad drive, or some kind of power problem? Really
need this box to work! - Thanks, Patriccio

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Mac G4 Hardware Problem - ...

It's a bit hard to say defiantly but from your description of the USB Ports I would be looking at replacing the Power Supply first or at the very least testing it in a Known Good Computer to make sure that it's working correctly.

I don't like just replacing things till it works as to me this isn't a proper fix but if you don't have something to check with that is what you may be reduced to. I had a bad PS recently and to check it out properly I added some more Drives to it and found the problem as it just wouldn't continue to run but with the computer it was installed in it would start about 1 in 20 time without a problem. It was a hard one to track down and the very first Antec PS that I've ever had go bad without reason.


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