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MAC in a Windows 2000 Domain

By petea1c ·
Can a Mac be added to a windows 2000 domain? I work at a public school and have several kinds of MACS. iMAC, eMAC, G3's. They all run MAC os 9.0.4 or later.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to MAC in a Windows 2000 Dom ...

Services For Machintosh (SFM) allows a Mac to connect to a Windows server, see shared folders, and other such fun stuff. Go here for information:

hope this helps

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by johnm In reply to MAC in a Windows 2000 Dom ...

It certainly can be done. Some other things to think about: Printer Services for Macs should be turned on on any server with network printer queues that Macs might access. If any of your users might log on from BOTH Mac and Win2K computers, you will not be able to log on to the Windows machine if you changed the login password from a Mac that is using the default Apple Standard UAMs. The Apple Standard does not properly hash the password saved to the domain servers for authentication; you need to install Microsoft Authentication V5.0 (free from Microsoft). And that won't work properly if you create a new password longer than eight characters on a Windows machine and try to access from the Mac.
Other than that, and setting up your DHCP on the Macs, and making sure that the network will pass Appletalk packets throughout, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Prototype an iMac and give it a try, then branch out.

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by Overmod In reply to MAC in a Windows 2000 Dom ...

Yes, Macs can be added.

I strongly recommend that you 'standardize' on one
particular version of the OS, if that's possible within
your budget and/or ethics. Makes it much easier to
interconnect other Macs (e.g., share) -- then you
could use one Mac as the 'bridge' to the Win2000
domain and set it up analogous to a cable-modem
network connection.

You don't mention whether you anticipate
connecting more than one of your Macs to the
network (presumably the school network),which
version of Mac OS you prefer, or what you want to
accomplish once connected to the Windows 2000
domain. These details may be useful...

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by peterkc In reply to MAC in a Windows 2000 Dom ...

Yes Mac?s can be added to a Window 2000 domain. There are
many things that you must consider and plan for, such as all the
different OS versions and type of network services needed. To
explain in detail of what is required to setup a cross platform
network would exceed the 2000 max length for this answer.
Below are several links that will point you in the right direction.

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