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Mac Mini typing endless spaces even without keyboard attached

By joinsaanapneparent ·
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It just started typing spaces endlessly with an old Apple usb keyboard. I shutdown, unplugged the keyboard, booted up and it’s doing the same thing filling the password input with spaces indefinitely. I also vnced in and had the same result. I have not found anything to fix this online. Has anyone seen this before?
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Try resetting the PRAM/VRAM

Shut down the Mac
Reboot and hold down the command+option+P+R keys
(You may want to practice that maneuver)
If your Mac is old enough to chime, keep the keys down until you hear the second chime.
If it has a newer version of the MacOS and doesn't chime, repeat the above procedure but this time just hold those four keys down for at least 30 seconds and then release and let the boot finish.
Any better?

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