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Mac or PC?

By kywoman ·
As a new graphic designer, I'm getting conflicting opinions about which is better for creating graphics. I'd like to get your thoughts on Mac or PC for creating Graphics. To those of you who are experienced and have used both, which do you prefer and why?

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It's the software, not the platform

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Mac or PC?

You really need to be more concerned about the software that you want to use and make sure that your computer (whether Mac or PC) meets the requirements (processor speed, RAM, etc.)of that software.

The Mac vs. PC debate is really more ideological than technological anyway. If you don't already have a Libertarian or Pro-hemp bumper sticker on your Volkswagen, then you'll do just fine on a PC.

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Macintosh preferred

by jbgraphicguy In reply to Mac or PC?

As a Commercial Photographer having over 20 years combined experience in the computer and design fields, I'd opt for the Mac. There are several strong reasons for this, not least of which is the elegance and ease of use of the Apple GUI over that provided by Microsoft. MS is still playing catch-up and maybe always will be. The bottom line is that the Mac is a more productive platform, all other conditions being equal. You'll make more money with it!

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Have you tried Windows XP yet?

I have found it to be a monumental improvement over other Windows. I'm not a graphic artist but I am curious as to if anyone who does graphics thinks of it.

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by kywoman In reply to XP

I'm currently using Fireworks and Photoshop for the most part and the graphics using XP is doing well.

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by kywoman In reply to Macintosh preferred

Thanks for your input, I'll keep that in mind!

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Jobs or Gates?

by gus In reply to Mac or PC?

If you can afford it - use both. If you want to only
do print design, the Mac is the best platform
hands down. Add in Web Design and you
need both (for testing if nothing else - and the
more machines/monitors the better). In my
opinion, the Windows side is better for coding,
database work, etc., the Mac is the machine
for the artist in you. Good code editing
applications like HomeSite/Cold Fusion
Studio are still not available on the Mac side
(yea, I know BBedit) - althoughmost of the
cross-platform applications (Macromedia,
Adobe, etc.) work well on both platforms.
Spend your life in Photoshop and graphics
and I'd revert to the Mac every time the
workload gets deep. The Windows side
probably has the edge in 3D, but that could
change in the future. In an OS world that is
owned by Microsoft, Apple has survived for
more reasons than just "ease of use". Also
remember that software (what you have
access to, expense, etc.) might push you one
way or the other.

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by kywoman In reply to Jobs or Gates?

I have a good PC now and was thinking if I do go for the Mac, I'd still keep my PC. How could I live without it after all? I appreciate your comments and will certainly keep them in mind.

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Pick Software First

by wordworker In reply to Mac or PC?

I agree with Gus, you probably need both machines to do adequate testing, but you really have to pick the software package before you buy the box. I think you'll find the vast majority of professional graphic designers/electronic artists prefer appsborn-and-bred on the Mac OS. And MAC 10.x is a very nice OS...jury will be out on XP for at 6-12 months while it "matures."

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by kywoman In reply to Pick Software First

I appreciate your comments and while I find XP to function nicely with my Photoshop and Fireworks software, I've heard so many positives about the Mac and graphics, I'm really leaning toward taking the plunge and buying the Mac.

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Mac first, PC later

by LonePalm58 In reply to Mac or PC?

I'll agree that eventually you'll have to use both platforms. I do. But if you're just starting out, that's probably beyond your budget, so stick with Mac.
The previous responses are all accurate: the Mac is more intuitive, and more productive. Butthe plain and simple fact is that the vast majority of third-party plug-ins for graphics and design programs are developed for the Mac first. Many of them are never ported over to Windows at all. Some industry-dominant applications, like QuarkXPress, seem to leave certain features out of their Windows releases altogether.

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