Mac OS and Vista wifi network not working

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Ok i have a vista ultimate pc, connected by ethernet to a netgear router. The router also has wifi, via which my Macbook pro, running tiger (10.4.11), is connected. Both get proper internet access. both computers have sharing switched on, and i can access my mac shares from my pc. However, it isnt working the other way round. In finder, i click on connect to server, enter smb:// ( my PC's ip), and click connect. However it gives me an error saying 'Could not connect to the server because the name or password is incorrect', when i havent even got the popup to enter my login credentials!! Can someone please help?? Additional details below:
Vista connectivity settings:
Network Discovery: On
File Sharing: On
Public Folder Sharing: on(read only)
Printer Sharing: On
Password Protected Sharing: Off
Media Sharing: Off
Workgroup: WORKGROUP

I even tried switching password protected sharing on but to no avail. I installed bonjour for windows but it has been completely and utterly useless. Its so pathetic it doesnt even have any interface at all. Zero-config networking my ***...

Mac settings:
Personal File Sharing
Windows Sharing
iChat Bonjour
iTunes Bonjour
iPhoto Bonjour

Active Directory Settings:
SMB/CIFS enabled, v1.3.1
workgroup: WORKGROUP
Bonjour enabled.
Someone please please help as this is getting really irritating.

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