Mac OS X & PC Windows 7 64bit Home Premium Wireless Network Speed Slow

By stateofjustin ·
I have a 24" iMac (wireless N), and a Sony F Series Laptop also with wireless N. Router is an Apple Airport Extreme N. I have them networked wirelessly and that works fine, however the transfer speed between them is terrible, averaging 2mbps max. Transferring even small amounts of data is a chore, I am waiting right now for a 27GB transfer which is slated to take 3 hours. Independently their speed is fine (i.e. connecting to the internet, downloading).

Why is this so slow? Is there anything I can do to improve the speed?

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How to...

by stateofjustin In reply to Try following the directi ...

This post contains information on how to set up the network and get it working, however this wasn't an issue. The network connectivity itself is fine, only the speed is an issue. Unfortunately this particular article doesn't address anything like that.

I will look around on that site to see if I find something relevant there. Thanks for the source.

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Maybe wired conection?

by coolbiker In reply to Mac OS X & PC Windows 7 6 ...

I would have thought if you transfer that much data that you should you wired connection. Depending on how far the signal goes there's always things in the way to extend the time to send that chunk of data.

You could also try separating your pc into a separate channel to which you'd do these large transfers. If you have a dual channel router you could make your N channel work and the other Normal play(I usually see recommendation regular stuff on g).

Doing either should speed up you connection and get your files going nicer.

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Wired vs. Wireless

by stateofjustin In reply to Maybe wired conection?

These computers at the moment are only about 6 feet from each other, and 6 feet from the router. They are in an open space with no obstructions that would hamper signal enough to bring the transfer rate to 3mbps.

Wired would be gigabit, wireless N max around 300mbps. Even at whatever speed is actually achieveable given the circumstances and overhead, it should be a great deal faster than it is. There is no other activity other than normal housekeeping going on over the network which would take large quantities of bandwidth.

'Wire it' is not the answer to the problem, it's only a workaround.

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RE: wireless N max around 300mbps

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wired vs. Wireless

Where did you dream up that figure?

54 MBS tops and that is on a great day with a Tail Wind at an ideal distance from the Router/WiFi Access Point. If anything passing that data to the Router and then to another computer will slow the process down that much more. First the Router has to receive it and then retransmit it while at the same time applying the required Security.

Also if you didn't setup the Network correctly it will adversely affect the speed of Communication between the different platforms. If you did setup correctly then that is the best speed that you are going to get.

Also at a 6 foot distance that is too close it is way under the Half Wavelength of the signal if you have to have things that close you should run wire between the lot.


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Distance and others...

by stateofjustin In reply to RE: [i]wireless N max aro ...

Normally they would not be this close, the arrangement is temporary.

The distance has changed since the issuewas posted. I moved them closer to wire them and check speed. Originally the router was on the 2nd floor with both computers being on the first (no change in speed with movement). With how slow things are, I seriously doubt distance is the smoking gun though. We're talking 300 theoretical to 2 actual. Home wireless networks are seldom constructed with any distance in mind, except when a signal is too weak or absent.

I will double check all the settings on the Mac side, that seems much more likely to be an issue. Also, I have a netbook with Wireless-G running XP, so I will double check transfer speed there to see if it is platform dependent.

As far as network traffic goes, we're talking about 2 end devices and one router. Hardly a high traffic environment (the most traffic it sees is when I am doing one of those slow transfers, which of course now I don't =) I just use a FAT32 formatted external drive)

If everything checks out, I still doubt this is 'as good as it gets'. If anything, it just means neither of us know enough to figure it out =).

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Have you tried moving one of them somewhere else away from the other?

by rjluvkc In reply to Distance and others...

Also keep in mind with will not get the high speeds when using WEP. Only using WPA2,etc.. will you be able to obtain speeds higher than 100mbps. You may want to see if there is a new firmware update available for the router as well. Could be a bug.

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