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I have a client that purchased a new macintosh machine that runs OS10. Their old machine supposedly crashed and it ran OS9. They are interested in removing application data from the old hard drive that may not be corrupted. How can this be accomplished? Transferring via firewire between the two machines has not been successful.

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You need to fit the HDD out of the Old computer

by OH Smeg In reply to mac OS9

Into a USB or Firewire Enclosure and then connect it to the new one to recover data/Files off the drive.

As OSX whatever is a form of BSD you can also source many applications from the Open Source Community.


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Thank you I'm going to try that !!

by masc3369 In reply to You need to fit the HDD o ...

I have an enclosure that I think will work for this type of hard drive. Using an enclosure really makes a lot of sense. Again, thank you so much !!
Mr. Ed

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Your Welcome.

by OH Smeg In reply to Thank you I'm going to tr ...

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