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Mac (ox) and Windows

By jimmy ·
Ok here is the deal i will give anyone the points who attempts to answer the following questions for me. I have a meeting in 6 hours and feel i would be aided knowing these points.
As i say i will give all who answer points.

1) - What is benefits of MAc (Ox) over Windows NT or XP?

2)-I believe that you can now share files directly between Mac and PC's since Macos9, why is this?

3)- Why are Mac's better for graphic's?

4)- What version of Netware is console1 used with and why would you use Netware instaed of Windows?

5)- How does Zenworks work?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Mac (ox) and Windows

1. Easier to use, consist computer configuration, no viruses or spyware.

2. Yes, MacOS X supports SMB which Classic versions did not and needed 3rd party s/w to do so (e.g. DAVE)

3. Netware 5.0 or later. Windows Active Directory works with MacOS X with no additional software. For netware you need to buy Client s/w for Macs. I think Netware clients for MacOS X don`t work too well.

4. I have no idea. Never used it. Its similar to Group Policy on Windows. Requires client s/w to install to use it.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to

Oops mistake:

3. MacOS graphics is the SAME as windows graphics as both use the similar graphics cards.

4. (see prev answer)

5. (see previous answer)

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by Eride In reply to Mac (ox) and Windows

1. to name a few
# Dialogue boxes: In windows you get things like Yes, No and Cancel - on a Mac you get Don?t Save, Cancel and Save ? logical text information that is an improvement over Windows. This is just one really plain example, I could literally list loads. Open Recent dialogues easier to read than Windows
# Drag and Drop: Far, far better in OS X over Windows. Things like dragging files to a Printer Icon to print, dragging images from the web to the desktop, drag folders to e-mail, drag a picture or photo to you desktop picture control panel sets it up as the desktop background, dragging pictures to your login icon sets that as your login picture. You can also drag reorder items in any Window toolbar or sidebar.
# Password Management: System wide password management through Keychain
# Spell-check: Excellent system wide spell checking ? While posting in a forum on the Internet, I can have it check my spellings on the fly.
# Crashes: So far I haven?t had one crash or needed a reboot (other than updates) with OS X ? something that can?t be said of Windows XP.
# No Viruses: This is a bitter point for a lot of Windows users, who usually then say it is because OS X has fewer users. Fact is ? it is far more secure.
DVD creation: iDVD is bundled with all Macs that ship with Super Drives. Windows Movie Maker requires additional software if you want to burn DVD?s

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by Eride In reply to

For connecting to a network, Mac OS X has an AFP (AppleShare File Protocol) client, an SMB client for connecting to Windows file servers and also an NFS client for UNIX servers. As a result, integrating Macintosh clients with these server platforms is extremely easy.
Macs and PCs on a Peer-to-Peer Network

To connect one or more Macintosh and PC systems, the simplest solution is to set up a small Ethernet network. Mac OS X has a built-in SMB client application enabling the connection of Macintosh clients to Windows servers.
Macs and PCs on a Local Area Network

Mac OS X lets your Mac system connect to every major server platform: AppleShare, UNIX, Linux and Windows (NT/2000/XP). This is because Mac OS X supports AFP, SMB/Samba, WebDAV and UNIX NFS (Network File System) file sharing

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by Eride In reply to

When people say macs are better for graphics, they really mean macs are good for video and 3d rendering. It does do better with the files (btw, OSX runs off a linux kernel). Where videos and 3d render apps use larger files and need faster bus speeds, the mac dominates.

But, when it comes to flat graphics such as a photoshop design, I personally would rather have a PC.

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by Eride In reply to
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by Eride In reply to

Since zenworks is such a huge system, here is a link that novell explains what it does.

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by wlbowers In reply to Mac (ox) and Windows

Mac beats Windows hands down. That comment is gonna bring out the wolves.

Macintosh was developed with graphics in mind. Windows fought for years and countless lawsuits to make the operating system be as Mac like as possible. Gates invested $150 million in Apple a few years back buy the way.

Macintosh moved the system processor to a RISC core a while back and it made enormous strides in speed and reliability.

Windows is still running on the CISC core. They refuse to move to the RISC core because it will change the basic operating system and abandon all of the millions of old hardware base that is still in use. They have put RISC emulation in some of the processors to try to get there.

I don't care what the hype says Windows is still dos based. Don't believe me go to start run and type cmd and see what comes up. It is at least NT but is still old code.

Macintosh OSX is now built on a UNIX base. More stability, better execution of code. True multitasking.

Mac programs are more consistent in their operation. Mac controls the drivers and some code calls to basic operation through what is called the tool box.

In Windows vendors code their own routines. And some times they but heads, and sometimes they kill each other.

OSX is completely compatible with windows XP. You can log on going in either direction. Mac has been able to read windows disk for years it is Windows that was stupid.

I use and support customers on both platforms and would rather take a beating than do my graphics on a PC. My help desk calls run 100 to 1. Yea Windows is the 100 calls to 1 Mac.

Don't believe me. Ask Industrial Light and Magic and a whole bunch of the other movie industry special effects guys what they use. Macintosh!

There are companies that write their program code for their Windows based programs on Macintosh computers.

Good Luck Lee

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