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Mac/PC wireless router problem

By wolfensteinenhoffen ·
At home, I have a Mac G3 desktop computer
connected to a cable modem. I just purchased
a Sony Vaio notebook for work, and want to
use it wirelessly at home to share the modem
connection. I got a NetGear WGR614 v5
wireless router, followed the installation
guide, but within 5 seconds of finishing
startup, the Mac freezes up. The NetGear
Resource CD doesn't work properly, either.
When I plug the modem cable directly into the
Sony notebook, it connects instantly with the
Internet. Any help greatly appreciated!!!

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Mac/PC wireless router pr ...

The simplest way I have found to do this is to toss all the ISP-
and manufacturer-supplied CDs in an archive folder and
configure the router manually to "dial" into the ISP and act as a
DHCP server. As it is set up now, each machine only knows how
to connect directly. You want to create a common access point
for all internet connections in your home.

I would recommend connecting the modem to the router via the
uplink port and the Mac to the router via ethernet. Depending on
the OS version, use either Open Transport or the Finder's "Go"
menu "Connect to server..." command to access the embedded
software on the router. The default IP address and administrative
password should be included in the documentation for the
router. Once connected, this should present you with a web page
viewable with a web browser where you can set up the the router
to dial into the ISP connection with the account and password
info from the ISP, and to provide NAT as a DHCP server.

Once that is done, anything that connects to the router is
automatically connected to the internet as part of a WAN. At the
very least you will want to set up a WEP password. Additionally,
you might wish to change the default name of the router, the
administrative password, firewall settings, etc.

Alternatively, you can set up the Mac to act as the DHCP server.
That is what it is trying to do now, and failing. This can be as
simple as enabling internet sharing, or more elaborate. I find it
to be more flexible and less of a burden on any of the working
machines to off-load networking to another machine, yet it can
also make sense to be able to control and monitor activity from
a desktop PC. YMMV.

Hope this helps,


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by lyon_bleu In reply to

Thanks for reminding me. OS 9 (and I believe 8.6 as well) includes
an application called "Network Browser". A link to it should appear
in the "Apple" menu. It does much the same thing as the "Entire
Network" item of "My Network Places" in the Windows "Start" menu.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to


The key to this is to have the router 'talk' directly to the modem
and for the individual computers to connect to the router, either
by cable or wirelessly. If there is a conflict it is because either or
both computers are trying to to talk to the modem directly
rather than to the DHCP server running on the router. If such
direct connection profiles exist, they need to be placed on a
lower priority than the network connection, or deleted.



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by dqbiggerfam2 In reply to Mac/PC wireless router pr ...

I have a similar solution. hook your router up to the cable modem via the uplink port, then connect the G3 and the Vaio to the switchports on the router.

The manual for the router should tell you what IP address to use to access the web based configuration pages. Open this IP address in a web browser(it doesn't usually matter which one).

In OS X, the go>connect to server... command is for accessing network shares. I'm pretty sure neither Windows or Mac OS 9.x and **** have this command.

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by Murray Brydon In reply to Mac/PC wireless router pr ...

With your mac disconnected from the router you should check your Network settings as it may be set to dynamically get an IP address via PPP (as it would when connected to your modem) and you would need to get the IP address dynamically via Ethernet instead from the router. This searching for a PPP server could cause your mac to appear to freeze. You will then have to configure the router (which you should be able to do through a browser and so not need the netgear software) to make sure it in turn can connect to your ISP.

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by ldm.web In reply to Mac/PC wireless router pr ...

What you describe with a Linksys router, a G4 desktop running
either Panther or Tiger, and a PC running Windows XP does not
work. Spent over 10 hours myself, and 1 hour on the phone with
a couple of very nice competant Indian technical assistants at
Linksys, and we all concluded that there was an OS conflict. The
Mac works through the router, the PC works through the router,
but both together will not work. If the Mac is connected, the PC
give a line busy error, while if the PC is connected the Mac gives
a cable not connected error. I can switch back and forth between
computer without having to repower either the modem or the
router. This was tried with automatic settings as well as static
settings on the PC. This is using an ISP connection via PPOe, not
DHCP as you describe in your post. Could this be the problem..
Seems the only logical conclusion is an OS conflict. If you have
any wisdom that can resolve this problem I will be impressed
and grateful. Were life so easy for Mac users in a PC world.

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by Murray Brydon In reply to Mac/PC wireless router pr ...

It shouldn't really matter how the router connects to the ISP whether it is PPPoA or PPPoE as long as it connects and is able to get an IP address for the router.
The router will most likely be running DHCP to allocate addresses to your local workstations and so it will be this configuration that is causing the problem. I would check the configuration of the router making sure that DHCP is enabled and that the scope allows for more than 1 address and also check the lease time and possibly increase that.
If you still don't have any success then check the router config again as it should have an IP setting for the WAN interface (from your PPPoE/A connection) and one for the LAN interface. Now assign different static IP's to both the mac and PC making sure your workstations are in the same subnet as the router's LAN settings with the same subnet mask(check this is not set to and gateway.

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