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Mac / PC?

By m_ghazanfar_ali ·
What is Mac, and how is it different from PC? Which one is better for professional users, and why?

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But WHY?

by sandpaper600 In reply to Mac / PC?

These articles are useless. Sure they explain just what a MAC is, but it really boils down to some people like Chevy & some like Ford. I've been to trade show after show, seen people in the real world who use a MAC, and NO ONE can say "This is what a MAC does better." or "This is why I like a MAC better than a PC." I always get some wishy washy answer like "It's just so much more user friendly." or "It does things for you." TRIPE! I'm not saying that XP is the end all, but compared to DOS days, or even Windows 95, I find XP and the PC "easy to use", & IT "does things for you", as well. For me the things that make it a no brainer are that I can build my own PC & the software market,especially games, heavily favors Windows based systems, although I guess many people are putting Windows on a MAC, which further proves my point about the Ford/Chevy thing. I suspect it also has to do with some "Underdog Complex" and giving MS the finger. I just really don't get it.

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