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    mac shares on win2k3 server


    by mgilmore ·

    hello all, i had a user delete about 30 gigs of data off of a win2k03 standard server, i tried to do a restore over the net from my offsite backup server( im using backups for workgroups for my backup program) something happened during the restore and not all files show. some files do show and some do not. so i tried to restore 1 at a time, they will show up on the win2k03 server but my mac users still can not see them, the only way i have been able to get them to see files is to create a new mac share on server, create new folder and copy and paste files from old folder of same name, i then have an issue on the macs when opening a quark file it looks like it has lost relation to the program and opens up all jumbled, i can reassociate the file with quark and then they are able to open, if anyone has any insight to this issue please respond, i have only been working with mac for about 6 months, so still a little shaky on supporting them,all macs are osx 10.4.2 or higher, if you need any other info on this issue, please feel free to ask, thanks mike

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      I am having sort of the same issue.

      by dbachmann ·

      In reply to mac shares on win2k3 server

      I am also using 2003 Server and every now and then I have to create a new share for the macs. The connections just drop, then they cannot be brought up, until new permissions are set, or a new share is created. If anyone has any informoration on this please let me know!

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