Mac too old to update?

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Hi there!

I realized my Mac is behind on some updates. When I go to update it says no new updates available. I'm currently running Sierra (I know, way behind.) I read that in order to update to the latest OS. I need to be running at least a 2013 MacBook Pro and I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012). I am assuming that means it won't let me update. So, my question: I want to be able to sync my iTunes to my phone and it won't let me do that without iMatch (Which won't let me get without the new OS) so do I truly need a new computer just to do this? or is there a way around it to get iMatch or to get the update to BigSur?
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Please explain.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Mac too old to update?

There is a feature in iTunes called "Match."
There is a DAM (digital asset management) called "iMatch."

But I was unaware that iMatch was now in iTunes (can't find that!) seems to note Catalina support. However you would want to have the RAM upped to the max and swap any HDD out for SSD or it may seem to be too slow for most of us.

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MacOS update

by bracknelsonforume In reply to Mac too old to update?

How old is your mac? if it is older than 2013 then macOS couldn't update your device.

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