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Mac Trial

By Funker ·
I would like to think that a progressive company like Apple offers some sort of trial of their operating systems. Are there any chance of getting a trial copy or become part of a beta program?

With Vista coming out and some light testing and a lot of reading on my part, I have become rather interested in alternative operating systems. However, I am not one to shell out money on a whim so I'd like the opportunity to test out a mac on through VMWare.

Any help is appreciated.

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by Funker In reply to Mac Trial


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Don't Think So

by blckspder In reply to Mac Trial

I don't think there is a trial version for OS X. I did some searches and didn't find anything.. Your best bet is to ask a friend to try their machine if you know anyone with a mac or to a find an apple store near you and mess around with some of the display systems there.

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not the answer I was looking for...

by Funker In reply to Don't Think So

...but I guess I should have expected it.

I was on Google for almost two hours last night and I couldn't find anything. I was hoping someone might have a site I may have missed (other than bittorrent or other p2p).

Thanks for the response.

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How can you have trial OS software

by JamesRL In reply to not the answer I was look ...

For a proprietary HW??

You have to have a mac to run OS X.

My best suggestion is to find an internet cafe that has Macs and rent some time.


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It's possible

by Funker In reply to How can you have trial OS ...

Like I posted earlier, I'd like to run it on a VM. Hardware performance can be had for any OS, but there is no point if I don't like what I end up running. That is why VM would be a nice test.

I'll have to find another way. I live in a rural area and it's a 40 minute drive to the nearest internet cafe.

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As far as I am aware

by JamesRL In reply to It's possible

No one has written a VM that can run Mac OS, because of the dependancies of Mac OS calling Mac HW ROMS.

When Apple licensed the Mac to third parties in the early 90s, thats what the third paries were getting - Apple ROMs.

Could you emulate those in software - yes, if you had a peek at the code, but the code for the Apple ROMs is highly proprietary - if anyone from Apple leaked it they would be fired and sued.

There are places that rent PCs and Macs - rent one for a month.


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Beta Programs

by davemori In reply to Mac Trial

Apple usually has beta programs for upcoming versions of the OS and software technologies. Participation is typically obtained through the Apple Engineering and Evangelism (for developers) and through their field sales (Apple offices supporting targeted and national accounts, not the Apple stores).

They do some public betas as well. Boot Camp, was an example of a public beta.

Not sure that your idea of using VMWare is going to work.

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