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Mac VS Microsoft

By jterry ·
I need someone to explain to me the argument of pitting the Apple Mac against Microsoft. In the first place the Mac is a computer and as far as I know Microsoft does not manufacture computers. If your talking about software the biggest selling software applications for the Mac are MS Office products made for the Mac.

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The mac is a computer with an OS built for it and no other

by JamesRL In reply to Mac VS Microsoft

So Apple and MS butt heads on OS level stuff. And the OS has a far greater impact on usability/GUI/look and feel/networking than individual applications.


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more impact

by apotheon In reply to The mac is a computer wit ...

Don't forget security, stability, openness, scripting functionality, maintainability, and so on.

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I would not discount the importance

by jterry In reply to The mac is a computer wit ...

of the OS, however the applications are quite important also. I don't know of any users PC or Mac that are using a computer with only an operating system. I also remember when I owned an Apple II and an Apple IIGS that when I went into a Computer store at least 90% of the software products would be for an Apple. Now it's just the opposite.

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by DC Guy In reply to Mac VS Microsoft

It's an imprecise way of saying "OS/X vs. Windows"

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From the hardware side

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Mac VS Microsoft

The Macintosh operating system will only run on computers made by a single company (Apple). At least until now; Apple will soon have OS/X available for other platforms.

The Windows operating system will run on personal computers with an Intel-manufactured processor. (The term "Wintel" is slang for a computer with an Intel processor running Windows.) Intel-based computers are made by many companies, as are peripherals and addiional hardware. These peripherals are more readily available, and usually cost less than adding hardware to a Mac.

The Mac vs. Windows debate used to be a hot one, but it's been replaced by the Linux vs. Windows debate in recent years. Macs have come to be recognized as the only choice for certain professional applications (mostly publishing and graphic arts) but they are uncommon outside those areas.

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I would add, not because of any deficiencies

by JamesRL In reply to From the hardware side

I remember in the 80s when the Mac was the high end platform for 3d CAD work. Boeing, NASA, Nortel and others had used them for scientific work because traditionally the math co-processors were stronger. But now Pentium based computers are fast enough to make this extra benefit moot.

Macs for a time were the hot game development platform as well. Ironically some games were developed on a Mac, ported to a PC, but never released on the mac platform to the public. When I first played Halo, I thought it was familiar. Turns out that the developers had previously developed Marathon, a great mac game that pioneered alot of first person shooter firsts.


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Apple to begin using Intel chips

by DC Guy In reply to From the hardware side

The next generation of Macs will use Intel chips. This means that you'll be able to boot Windows on a Macintosh and OS/XI (or whatever they're going to call it) on a PC. This should bring the debate down out of the stratosphere. Mac OS will suddenly be competing directly with the other incarnations of Unix.

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