Mac vs. PC - Any Real Data?

By pflo1822 ·
I am trying to find some data about which is less costly in the long-run, Mac or PC. There are TONS of anecdotal stories about "I had to repair my PC but not my Mac." and "My Mac comes with software but PCs don't." on the internet, but there isn't much other than that. Does anyone know of any studies that make conclusions based on actual data (repair costs, electric usage, peripheral costs, replacement timing, etc)?

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This depends entirely

by NexS In reply to Mac vs. PC - Any Real Dat ...

On the setting you're talking about.
Enterprise will have a much higher cost to move things to Mac, and the issues will still be there, just a different OS.

Home use is less costly, but a different kettle of fish. Everything on a Mac is more expensive (hardware, software, support), and in order to get specific pricing, you should contact your local Apple certified centre. For Windows you can get prices from pretty much anywhere.

But for personal use, it's all about your own preference and data collection. You have to weigh up what you want with how much you're willing to pay for it.

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by TobiF In reply to This depends entirely

What do you want to do on your computer.
Some software you'd only find for windows.

Linux may be an even cheaper way forward. :)
Although it can be hard to find a laptop that isn't bundled with some os from MS...

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Remember also...

by PESK, mbcs, mcse, mcitp, sts In reply to And...

...notwithstanding everything everyone else has said, that PCs are very cheap in comparison to MACs and the purchase/repair costs of a PC are a fraction of MAC purchase/repair costs.

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Just get a quality PC if you want Mac-like hardware.

by seanferd In reply to Remember also...

In the sense of non-cheap components. Like, you can buy server-class RAM, which is what Mac's use(ed?), but still at half the price.

In other words, an off-the-shelf consumer-oriented HP or Dell is not what you want if you want (purported) Mac-quality hardware.

If you like OS X, though, get a Mac. If you like Windows or a Linux distro, buy/build a PC.

Frequently, though, "repair" means the user or some application or malware hosed the operating system. Hardware repairs are rather easy and modular. Almost every prolem, though, can be surmonted if you just <i>back up your data!</i>

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