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    Hi folks,

    I have a customer with 10 users on a windows domain. One of the VP’s does not like his new laptop and is insisting that it is very slow and always having problems. The fact is the laptop works just fine. Now, to overcome this problem with his Windows based laptop he wants the company to buy him a mac laptop. I am looking at why he should have a mac when everyone else is running windows , with out issue I might add? Any thoughts on using a MAC for business?

    Thanks :?]

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      by rawfish ·

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      Depends on the business and the user here

      by oh smeg ·

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      If they are heavily into Graphics Mac’s work well and if the user demands a Mac it will work better for them or at least they will not be complaining all of the time. May be different but when they get their way they tend not to complain when things go wrong. 😉

      As to what if anything is wrong with the Company Supplied NB that all depends on what it is and how it is Speced. But a hint here I never supply a NB without a Cool Pad and maxing out the amount of Installed RAM. The difference between some NB’s with 1 GIG and the same system loaded will 4 GIG has to be experienced to be believed. But if this is any help one Acer NB would take 25 Minutes to reboot from Windows to Windows Vista something. After the RAM was removed and replaced with $110 worth of Corsair RAM and taken to 4 GIG it was rebooting in under 3 minutes playing DVD’s which it couldn’t do previously and generally speaking having it’s owner believe that it was a different computer even though the marks on the exterior where exactly the same.

      So working perfectly the way it should by no means working well. 😉


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      by gario ·

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      Is there a company standard laptop policy? How much upper management support can you expect? My experience here with a VP request for a Mac was to get him a Mac with an understanding that your support department may not be able handle problems related to app incompatibility issues, inlcuding network connectivity.

      Sometimes it is better to not lose the battle.

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      by dgoldsmith ·

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      Well if he wants a mac then what you can do is load up virtual PC or use some type of “desktop virtualization” program on the MAC. then, you can run windows within virtual pc or whatever program you want to use.

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      MAC=Crash Different

      by snuffy09 ·

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      doesn’t mean it wont crash at all

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