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    by jtfutbal ·

    We are tying to put together a MAC certified service center. Does anyone know of good reference material or textbooks that would help get this together?

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      your best source

      by jaqui ·

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      for everything Mac is
      anywhere else, you are wasting your time.

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      by seanferd ·

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      Mac. MAC is something different altogether.

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        by jtfutbal ·

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        I realize the difference. Just wondering if there is something out there that I have not already looked at.

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          Both replies

          by nexs ·

          In reply to apple

          Point you to Apple Inc’s website. Basically, Apple has a very ‘Apple Only’ kind of attitude (hence the compatibility issues), so if you want to learn their stuff, go and see them. Any third-party will most likely be overlooked and laughed at.

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