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Macbook air heatsink

By ali_rmh206 ·
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I am a university student and my field is mechanical engineering. I am studying different heat sinks installed on different laptops. As you know most of them are made of copper alloys, look like copper and shine like it but there is a major difference between those and the one, installed on mac book air:;get-photo-roto

As you can see it is black. Is it painted this way? Does it have miniature fins on the other end? And what is it made from?


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Thin Laptops

by TheChas In reply to Macbook air heatsink

The design of the heatsink is not uncommon on laptops, especially thin laptops.

If you look closely at the area with the thermal paste, you will see that copper comes in direct contact with the CPU.

The black on the processor portions is likely a material layer. Either for thermal or electrical isolation.

The black part joining the two processor sections is usually a duct. The fan is remote, and airflow through the duct is the cooling mechanism. Some even use a closed loop fluid or gel that transfers the heat from the processor to the end with the fan.

Also keep in mind that most mobile processors are designed to use less power and thus run cooler than their desktop counterparts.


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Reponse To Answer

by ali_rmh206 In reply to Thin Laptops

Thanks a lot. your comment is really useful.

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Agree with some of 'TheChas's' answer, but not about the duct!

by raymond.birch In reply to Macbook air heatsink

That is in fact a heatpipe - something that they have alluded to later, but heatpipe technology is common on laptops (especially ones with GPUs and CPUs) - an 'air duct' of that width would do very little in fact!!

There are plenty of descriptions online of how heat pipes work (I won't bore you with the details here) but this is the type of thing that is implemented:

Hope that helps!


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Reponse To Answer

by ali_rmh206 In reply to Agree with some of 'TheCh ...

Thanks for the answer you provided. I am familiar with heat pipes and the whole process taking place.
But what apple does is different in size and shape got me curious.

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