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    MacBook pro 2013 freezes after no k/m input


    by basketballjes ·

    If I startup laptop and keep a solid keyboard or mouse input it works fine, but as soon as I stop moving the mouse it freezes and I have to restart.

    Works fine if started in safe mode.

    Have done a complete reboot, erase and reload of software

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      If it’s fine in Safe Mode,

      by mrmacfixit ·

      In reply to MacBook pro 2013 freezes after no k/m input

      then it’s not a hardware problem.
      Do you mean you have erased your internal drive and restored the MacOS?

      It’s possible that there is some piece of software that is invisibly working its heart out and “stealing” all the CPU cycles.
      If, before it freezes, you press Option + Command + Escape, what apps does it show are running?

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        Only ap running is finder

        by basketballjes ·

        In reply to If it’s fine in Safe Mode,

        Yeah ive erased the internal drive and re loaded the Mac os.

        I just did the command option esc and it only says finder but funily enough it doesn’t freeze when that display is open but will freeze straight after closing it

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      Is this a supported OS?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to MacBook pro 2013 freezes after no k/m input

      Because safe mode not only loads less software and is a lighter load on the system, I can’t rule out hardware. At 8 years old the heatsink compound is likely bad so my initial work would be to replace that and do a nice deep clean as well as be sure the fan works like new.

      1. -> But is this a supported OS? I ask because some manage to install what is not supported and hilarity+confusion follows.

      2. What is this reload of software?
      -> ONLY INSTALL THE OS. Do not load up on apps before you test.

      3. If you are in the USA and need this fixed, google up “Louis Rossmann”.

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