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MacBook Pro Battery Pretends To Be Dead After Big Sur Update

By thecombaxks ·
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Happy Friday everyone. I'm dealing with a very frustrating issue with my newish MacBookPro15. Once shutdown and left alone for a few hours, I will then log in it goes to a black screen and say the battery is dead. After plugging it in, it immediately says battery is at 97%. Issue does not occur when shutting down and starting back up within a few minutes. I've tried SMC, NVRam reset, battery health is normal, all apps are updated. I feel like I'm out of options besides trying to reformat. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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by birdmantd Moderator In reply to MacBook Pro Battery Prete ...

How old is your MacBook ? Is it still under warranty ? If you don't get additional help here, I think you should reach out to Apple for troubleshooting.

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I've seen weird battery results like that.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to MacBook Pro Battery Prete ...

And on 1 year old laptops. The usual story is the owner ran on battery daily, charging at night which can wear out battery packs in a year. The failures can be as above.

1. Use your Apple Care.
2. If you are just out of Apple Care, get back on the program.
3. Call Louis Rossmann (see the web.)

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