Macbook Pro screen only works when watching videos

By Liserh ·
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In order to use my Macbook Pro Retina 13-inch early 2015, I have to keep e.g. Netflix running on at least 1/5 of the screen. If I either overlap the video with another window or pause the video, the entire screen starts flickering.

This started happening after my Macbook Pro shut down unexpectedly. At the time, I was using Chrome with Hola vpn to watch TV series while using Safari for "surfing" on the side. When I hit the play button to start the next episode, my Mac shut down.

Afterwards it took me ages to find out that I have to keep a video running to get the screen to work. I quickly learned that it works fine when i connect it to the TV by using a HDMI, but when I disconnected the TV it started flickering again. It also works in safe mode.

I have tried reinstalling the os and updating os. In doing so I managed to get a little bit farther before the screen started flickering, beyond the login part. Then it starts flickering within seconds unless a video is running. I have also tried uninstalling Chrome and Hola to no avail, plus all of the steps in this guide: I have removed all start up programs, too.

Any advice is very welcome.
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