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MacBook Pro

By Router boy ·
I am getting ready to go and buy a new laptop and I am very interested in the MacBook Pro. In looking for reviews on them I was not able to find anything except for reviews from their initial release.
I was wondering if anybody has a MacBook Pro if they could share both whats good and bad about it.

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Mac Book Pro

by mjrunion In reply to MacBook Pro

I am sending this from a 15" Core 2 Mac Book Pro. I have not had any issues with this system in OS 10.4 or from Bootcamp or Parallels. My advice would be to wait a few weeks as Apple is releasing the New Mac Book Pro with Intel's new chipset processor combination.

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If you're still looking

by Tig2 In reply to MacBook Pro

I strongly recommend the MacBook Pro as an agile and functional platform for virtually anything that you want to do. I have one and love it.

I do not game. Therefore my experience would be different from yours.

Check one out at a local Apple store. That should help you to know if it is the right tool for you.

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I recommend it highly

by ah64ip In reply to MacBook Pro

I bought a macbook pro and I love it. I put parallels on it
so that I can still run some windows applications while I
learn how to use the mac. Finally, I installed the Adobe
master collection, which is the most important package
for me, and it couldn't be better. The machine is very fast,
much faster with graphics applications than any PC I have
ever bought or built. The battery life puts my PC laptop to
shame... I can run it for hours and not think about it. The
machine is very light and transportable. All of the apps
work perfectly and are extremely easy and intuitive.
Internet connectivity is so easy you will be amazed. Not
that I would ever have considered it difficult with the PC,
but with Mac it's all just much easier. The Mac literally
never crashes or hangs. The screen resolution is
incredible. I can't say enough.
I am very familiar with PCs, XP Pro, vista and even a little
LInux. Vista was the last straw for me. I have an iphone
which also works flawlessly with the macbook and
everything else. I think I will stay with apple products
from now on.

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