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    MacBookPro to PC Monitor – Switch between Mac/PC via Keyboard Shortcut?


    by rojopeters ·

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    I have kind of a unique situation that I was looking to resolve. I want to hook a MacBookPro (see specs below) to a PC monitor. The PC monitor is connect to a PC workstation which is on a network. My goal is to be able to hook the MacBook Pro into the PC monitor, while still be able to use the PC side.

    Perhaps, being able to switch between the two via a keyboard shortcut, like a cmd+tab action. If possible, would a wireless keyboard and mouse sync up to both computers? I am not sure if this is possible or if I am just smoking the good stuff, but I figured I would ask. Thanks for your help!

    MacBookPro: (15in-2017) / 3.1 Ghz Intel Core i7 / 16GB 2133 Mhz LPDDR3
    Note: The monitor has an HDMI input available.

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