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    MacFile server issues


    by allan ·

    I have a Compaq 2500, single 200Mz Pentium Pro w/256 Meg RAM. NT 4 SP6a with two Mac Volumes. Performance Monitor, Macfile server counter measuring “current paged memory” is pegged at 100 with the scale up to 1000. from the default of 0.0001 (about a million times higher) I have identical machine that the counter shows 20 at the default scale.
    Anyone have any ideas about the extremly high memory paging ?

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      MacFile server issues

      by mcessna ·

      In reply to MacFile server issues

      Mac’s use a file called desktopDB to store the directory information. You may have to revuild the DesktopDB for the network share. Mount the shares from the server in question and use a program like Tech Tool Pro to rebuild the desktopDB. Also SFM runs better when the performance boost is set to foreground (don’t know why since SFM is a service but have been told this many times and it seems to speed mac file sharing).

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