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Machine keeps rebooting itself

By Nelesh.naidoo ·
User says that a test machine not on the network keeps rebooting itself but it does not happen all the time.

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by Sgtprasad In reply to Machine keeps rebooting i ...

Check for problem with the SMPS. This mainly happens if the SMPS fan is not running or running very slowly due to dust accumulated in it & making the SMPS to get overheated. Also check for any capacitors blown / leakage in the SMPS.
If the SMPS is fine, you have check for mother board problems. In some cases a defective RAM also can be the cause for this problem.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Machine keeps rebooting i ...

This is a long and tedious process - finding the culprit.

It could be a number of things, but is likely hardware related. This could be a bad power supply, bad RAM, a fan not working, or a poorly seated component.

What I recommend first is checking if the fans are blowing properly. Then I suggest taking the computer apart and cleaning it out. Even reseat the processor.

Should this machine still reboot a lot on its own, remove/replace devices and components [one at a time] until you've managed to find the problem piece.

If this still doesn't work, you're reduced to warranty calls, if you are still covered.

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by msgwen7 In reply to Machine keeps rebooting i ...

I recently had this same problem. I found that after installing the new McAfee Virus Scan program there was a "quirk" to it. This can also happen with assorted programs. Check the "read me" file both on the disk and in the program by using your windows explorer. Hope this helps...

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by RCOM In reply to Machine keeps rebooting i ...

If its Win2000 or XP you may have the blaster virus.

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