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Machine rebooting

By AndyW360 ·
I have a job to attend to tomorrow at a clients office, they have reported that when the PC boots into Windows it just suddenly reboots, this also happens in safe mode, could this be a software or hardware issue?

please give me some suggestions I could look at to fix the problem.

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Maybe hardware, likely software

by azul In reply to Machine rebooting

It could possibly be hardware, most likely it is software. You need more information.

If this computer is a business class HP/Compaq, hit F10 when you see the splash screen, this takes you to the BIOS. In the BIOS is the IDE DPS self test, run this test, it will tell you if the hdd is bad.

If it is a Dell hit the F12 key at the splash screen, choose to boot to the diagnostic partition. If there is not a diagnostic partition listed as an option try to get the Dell Recovery CD and boot to it, it will load the diagnostics. You can also download the diagnostics from their support site,

Based on my experience, it is most likely a virus/spyware issue. Google "SpyBot" to get rid of spyware.

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Seen this with viruses

by DMambo In reply to Machine rebooting

Can you boot to command prompt? If so, try running stinger, a free download from NAI. It fits on a floppy and typically detects most recent viruses. Also, be sure this thing is not attached to a network.

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Thanks guys

by AndyW360 In reply to Machine rebooting

mmm, thanks for the suggestions guys I may also burn a copy of knoppix so that I can boot the machine in to Linux and hopefully run some scans, etc.

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