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    Machine with 2 Network cards


    by d_preetpal ·


    If I have a machine with 2 network cards can I connetct that machine with 2 separate networks. Or is it possible to add 2 network cards on one machine?

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      2 NIC Cards

      by dtmcse ·

      In reply to Machine with 2 Network cards

      Yes you could then connect that machine to two different, either logical or physical, networks. If you are running windows NT and you enable IP forwarding it will also function as a router.

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      Re: Machine with 2 Network cards

      by infra_hdc ·

      In reply to Machine with 2 Network cards

      Similar OSes have problems with this configuration. Try to use Network OS, such as WinNT or Un*x.

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      multiple NIC’s

      by mib_admin ·

      In reply to Machine with 2 Network cards

      Yes. Each card must have there own IP address and subnet mask to point it to the proper network. You can add as many NIC’s as the machine has IRQ’s to support it. This is called a “Home Network”. This info can be found in most NETWORK ESSENTIALS books.

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        Home and Office Web HomePages

        by christhemeat ·

        In reply to multiple NIC’s

        I have a dual NICs and am wondering, is it possible to have the company webpage as the homepage for 1 NIC and iGoogle for example as the homepage for the other NIC? If so, how?
        Thanks in advance

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